It takes as long to carve a fork as ten spoons. Dan makes a fork only when the wood he splits from the tree makes a clear demand.


Available products:


Cherry Wood Fork

Cherry Wood Fork NK1, 16 1/2″ long — $200

Lilac Wood Fork NK2

Lilac wood fork NK2, 14″ long — $200

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Lilac wood fork NK3

Lilac wood fork NK3, 11 ½” inch long — $100

Peach wood fork NK4

Peach wood fork NK4, 10 1/4″ long — $150

Cherry Wood Fork NK5

Cherry wood fork NK5, 12″ long — $170

Peach wood fork NK6

Peach wood fork NK6, 8 1/4″ long — $75

Lilac wood fork NK7

Lilac wood fork NK7, 8 1/4″ — $75