Dan, who has spent his whole adult life splitting wood in search of useful tools, thinks he might have found a simple split of wood that must have been in common use since our ancestors walked on two legs — the split that likely informed the leaf-shaped points of the ages known as Stone and Iron. Dan likes to call these useful implements:

Clovis Point Informants

These paper knives, like his spoons, are cooked dry under a hot mix of walnut oil and beeswax, hardening and tempering the wood in Dan’s version of a prehistoric practice that he began to research some forty years ago.


Available products:

Lilac wood letter opener LO1

Lilac wood letter opener LO1
$40 – 8 1/2” long



Mountain Laurel wood Letter Opener LO8

Mountain Laurel Letter Opener LO8
$55 – 8 inches long



Lilac wood Letter Opener LO3

Lilac Wood Letter Opener LO3
$40 – 8 3/4 inches long


Lilac Wood Letter Opener LO9

Lilac Wood Letter Opener LO9
$40 – 8” long



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Lilac wood letter opener LO5

Lilac Wood Letter Opener LO5
$35 – 8” long


Cherry wood letter opener LO6

Cherry Wood Letter Opener LO6
$40 – 8 ¾” long


Mountain Laurel wood letter opener LO7

Mountain Laurel Wood Letter Opener LO7
$45 – 7” long