Note Clips — the world’s classiest desk toy

If everything that Dan “makes” is your opportunity to become acquainted with a tree, then the note clip is the most personal. It is cleverly split around a knot hole, and it becomes like a rock in the stream as the grain flows around it. One end is split open, and then the natural tensions are revealed. All attempts are not successful, but if the opening “squeezes,” why then a tiny sheet of sandpaper is introduced and dragged through time after time. This polishes the inner surfaces in order that they might not scratch your notes or recipes.

Dan has been finding two or three a year for quite some time now. Use them for inspirational quotes, shopping lists, or declarations of love.


Available products:

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NoteClip1a NoteClip1b
Elegant and secure — also, BIG! – NC1 – 10 1/4 inches long, $75


Long Mountain Laurel Note Clip NC2

Long Mountain Laurel Note Clip – NC2 –  11 1/2 inches long, $70


Mountain Laurel Note Clip NC3
Mountain Laurel Note Clip – NC3 – 7 3/4 inches long. $60


NoteClip4a NoteClip4b
Tight and pointal — like Seurat. – NC4 – 6 inches long. $40


Colorful Lilac Note Clip NC5

Colorful Lilac Note Clip – NC5 – 7 1/2 inches long. $65